“With Kora and Griot, Crown immerses us in African Royalty from the first notes. The third studio album of Boston-born artist King Mas is the first full-length release by his label Bantu Nation Movement, a collective he describes as consisting of "creative individuals and spiritual beings who represent the "Bantu" diaspora of the African continent and all of the various manifestations of our culture around the globe".

In charge for most of the song-writing and production himself, King Mas has assembled an opalescent array of musical talent on the release, inluding his brother, producer and vocalist MityMaose, and skilled instrumetalists such as Llamar "Riff Raff" BrownNko Fallou FallDavid AdeyemiDernst "D'mile" Emile II and Dean Fraser.”

by Gardy Stein “Crown” album review

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Reggae music has been intimately tied to “royalty” since it’s very inception. Often referred to as “the Kings music”, with the heavy influence of the Rastafari spiritual lineage, there has been a consistent presence of regal African imagery in Reggae culture even as it’s fluctuated in other genres of music. Grammy-winning songwriter King MAS, with the release of his third studio album “Crown”, draws inspiration from the ancient tradition of African royalty and creates a musical universe that is sure to enchant, educate, and uplift Reggae lovers across the globe. On the heels of the massive collaborative single “Definition of a King”, King MAS has concocted another potion of powerful musical medicine that is as potent an offering as we have seen thus far.

The Crown album explores the theme of right relationship in an age when the culture at large doesn’t facilitate balance in individuals or commitment in couples.In the title song (Crown), King MAS expresses his desire to heal the scars of a broken heart as he proclaims his belief that beyond a shadow of a doubt “every Queen deserves a crown”. With 17 original songs, including 12 previously unreleased cuts from his ever expanding catalog, “Crown” is a musical journey through the mind of a modern day king. With a host of features including Zosia McGregor, Randy Valentine, Kabaka Pyramid, & Jahdan Blakkamoor, the global Reggae community is well represented.

From the opening invocation by Senegalese kora (traditional harp) player and storyteller Jali fily Cissokho to the upbeat dancehall vibes of “No Lie” alongside K’reema, daughter of the original dancehall king Yellowman, the very best of modern Reggae fusion is interwoven into a gripping musical narrative. Grammy-winning musicians Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown, Dernst “D’mile” Emile II, & Dahryl “DJ” Camper bring forth a high level of production value throughout the playlist. The album is executive produced by King MAS himself alongside his Grammy-nominated brother Mitymaose (who also delivers an impressive vocal performance on the King MAS produced reggae remix to his single “Pretty Eyes”). The Crown album is the debut album from the Bantu Nation Movement music label. If this project is any indication, the kingdom of Reggae is ever expanding and shall continue in its royal procession for years to come.