Walk Like A Champion (Remix EP)

Walk Like A Champion (Remix EP)

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King MAS speaks for all men around the world who want their significant other to “Walk Like a Champion.”  Using music to convey this message is the natural thing for a musician to do, and using the familiar phrase from the Reggae Legend and Icon, Buju Banton helps to being home that point!


Building on a music bed of smooth seduction, and a respectful initiation via bass, electric guitar and organ, King MAS the Ras and Anto NeoSoul offers charmed sweet flowing lyrics with hints of Reggae and Dancehall undertones which add a little grit to this audio love story!  King sings:  “Lioness / never have I ever seen a body like that / ah must the ital weh mek the belly so flat / intellectually girl you have the thing lock / woman you stand clear and distinct from the pack / you just walk like achampion ….”


Speaking on the embrace and respect of his woman’s heritage, and the path of her journey (which now includes him), King trumpets his Queen’s strength, beauty and intelligence and wraps her in a red ribbon bow; his Queen is a gift to the world which is a reflection of how fellow men feel about their Lady!


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